Salary Packaging Options

Use Your Salary to Pay for Day to Day Items Pre-Tax

What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging is an easy way of paying for general day to items pre-tax. NCLO now offers this service alongside Fully Maintained Novated Car Leases. Potentially you can now salary package multiple items, saving you time and money.

Why Should You Salary Package?

Salary Packaging gives you another opportunity to save on items you would use daily such as, your mortgage or rental payments, travel, general living expenses, meals and entertainment, computers and more! 

salary packaging

What Items Can You Salary Package?


Your Private Car Via Novated Leasing


Mortgage and Rental Payments


Computers and Mobile Phones


Related Travel Expenses

Airport Lounge Membership.

You can now enjoy the benefits and convenience of accessing Airport Lounge Membership using your pre-tax income. Save hundreds by accessing our discounted corporate rates with Qantas, or arrange your own membership.

Accommodation/Venue Hire.

Simply Salary package your holiday accommodation or special event and the cost of this will come from your pre-tax income, saving you tax and allowing you further enjoy your special moments. You can package this benefit in addition to your capped benefits amount. Limits apply.


Salary Package an E-Bike and enjoy the freedom of the road, the air and combine technology, comfort and fun. You ride an e-bike just like any other bike but it gives you that extra push to make it so much easier.


No one wants to get old, but it’s a fact of life. So why not be prepared for retirement with a little extra contribution to your Superannuation. You will enjoy the tax benefits now, and the lifestyle benefits later.

Self Education/Living Expenses.

You now have the opportunity to save money while increasing your skills plus general living expenses such as groceries, bills, clothing and much more.

Remote Area Benefits.

For those renting in a remote area, you can package up to 50% of your total rental costs without paying any Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT). For those with a mortgage in a remote area, you can package your interest costs and access a 50% reduction in FBT.

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