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Helpful Driving Tips Using Google Maps

by | Jan 11, 2019

We all know what it’s like dealing with holiday season and chaotic traffic we decided to put together some helpful driving tips using Google Maps for everyone that owns a smart phone.

We all know that Google Maps helps us to get from point A to point B with the navigation service. However, what many people don’t know (unless they have spent time fiddling with the app) there are a number of extra handy features. All of which will change the way you use the service.

Lost your car while out shopping: taken care of. Not sure how long it will take you to get to your event; Google Maps has you covered. Want to go back in time (no not the Back to the Future type) another option; it’s there at your fingertips.

Shopping all done and you cannot find the car?

This would have to rank up there as the no1 most annoying issue after shopping! Hands up… who has done this? You finally find a park, positive you will remember where you left the car and hours later you are walking out of the shopping centre tired had enough and the penny drops. Where is the car! The car park is full, it’s hot and the trek begins to find it!! Google maps to the rescue! Within the maps there sits a feature – save your parking. To find it, all you need to do is tap on the blue location dot after you have parked the car, then note what spot you are in or the level.

For those of you without Bluetooth or just in a hurry, simply take a photo looking toward the centre so you at the very least know which area the car is in and more than likely will give you the exact bay you are in if parking in an open area.

Time is ticking, how long will it take to drive there…

Another feature of Google Maps is it can track live traffic conditions. You can actually create your own traffic report. Handy for getting to work or to that event on time. The downside though is you do need to do this on the pc or laptop prior. Top on “Traffic” and the streets will be highlighted showing you different colour codes of real time congestion. Now look to the bottom of the map. To work out your best options you can switch from “typical traffic” to “live traffic”. Choose the option that best suits your needs at the time.

Going back in time!

Okay so this maybe a little uncomfortable however Google maps can tell you where you have been. Imagine you have just come across this awesome restaurant, been out with friends and had a great meal. You want to make sure you can find it again. How does this tracking of your movements work? It works when you are logged into your Google account. Google tracks you automatically, dare we say with great detail! From there it is turned into an interactive map where you can go back and see it at any time. Now for those of you who didn’t know Google actually does this, you can choose to turn this option off.

Trivia with Google Maps

Like playing games? Smarty pins is Google’s trivia game that runs on desktop. It works using the maps platform. All sorts of categories are covered, like Science, Arts, Current Events, Geography, Sports and more. To answer the questions, you place the “pin” in the right spot. Winning the game – The distance from your answer to the correct answer is calculated and subtracted from a total number of kilometres until you’re left with nothing. There’s a time bonus as well for getting the answer quickly. While a tad addictive, can be a great game to get the kids involved with to expand their knowledge of your town or area you may be visiting.

Now you have at your finger tips a few helpful tips driving using your Google Maps – aside from the Smarty Pins game of course.

Happy motoring and wishing you a less stressful shopping experience! While here at our website why not grab a free quote on how Novated Leasing can save you thousands on tax? More money available in the budget will mean more shopping and/ or family holidays!


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