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Things You Thought You Knew About Novated Leases

So you have heard about novated leasing your car yet didn’t think it would be advantageous for you to do so or your thought it was only for company cars or business related usage? There is still a lot of misunderstanding on how it all works. Read our article to enlighten yourself on how you can use novated leasing as a salary packaging option for your private use motor vehicle.

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Car Warranties Should You Buy

When looking at purchasing a used or new car we are often left wondering if we should purchase any extra car warranties that may well be available. Yes they give peace of mind but in some circumstances are they a waste of money?

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Car Tips To Spot A Lemon

Car tips to spot a lemon and help save unforeseen vehicle costs when purchasing your next car. While lemons can happen with new cars, it’s more so used.

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