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4 Types Of Bad Drivers And How To Avoid Them

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4 Types Of Bad Drivers And How To Avoid Them

by | Dec 14, 2018

While many of us pride ourselves on being a good driver, this does not mean that we will avoid being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, our roads are filled with bad drivers, who are a danger to themselves and us. However, once you can spot a bad driver, you can take evasive action to ensure that you are not involved when they have their inevitable accident.

1. Lane Hoppers

We’ve all seen these lane hopping, indecisive drivers who weave between cars in the “spaces” left to allow a safe braking distance. Many lane hoppers seem to think that the are in far more of a hurry than everyone else, so they are justified in overtaking and jumping from one lane to another.

2. The “Morning Routine” Driver

For those of us who get up early enough, the morning routine driver is particularly frustrating as they finish getting dressed, eat their breakfast and put on their makeup. Since driving is the second or third priority for these drivers, they can obviously be unaware of what is happening on the road. We are sure you have seen many of these driver cam videos shared on Facebook!

3. P Plate Drivers

While we all had to learn and get our confidence, a P Plate driver can still be a danger. According to a driver study, young drivers have a fifty percent greater risk of crashing during a risky driving manoeuvre. The research examined the statistics of 20,000 drivers aged between seventeen and twenty-four and found that they were far more likely to crash should they overload their vehicle, speed, listen to very loud music or text when driving. Mind you plenty of fully licenced drivers have been fined for texting while driving!

4. Keep In Contact Drivers

While social media, WhatsApp, Twitter and other smartphone innovations are great, they are a danger when driving. Over 65% of Australians are active mobile phone users, but many of us refrain when we are in the driving seat. Unfortunately, there are always those drivers who have to keep in contact with their social circle, even if they should be fully concentrating on driving. This is not only highly dangerous, but can result in hefty fines and demerit points.

How to avoid Bad Drivers?

Although there are plenty of bad drivers on the road, you can still minimise your risk of being involved in their accident. The key to avoiding the bad drivers is to stay aware. Always maintain a safe distance from other cars and if you spot a bad driver, be sure to leave them plenty of room. Don’t try to speed up to race ahead of a bad driver as they are likely to catch up with you sooner or later. If in doubt, slow down and allow them to pass you by. While you may get to your destination a few minutes later, at least you will get there in one piece.

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