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Our primary goal is to educate Employee’s and Employer’s on the benefits of incorporating a Fully Maintained Novated Car Lease option as a salary sacrificing solution in order for all parties to save money.

As most of us know, paying for a motor vehicle and all related expenses is one of the largest financial cost outside of the family home, either after rent or mortgage payments.

Leasing your private use motor car as an alternative to taking out a personal loan, will help you to save thousands of dollars, on your salary year in year out. Now that’s money that you could be using to add to your mortgage, superannuation increasing your retirement nest egg or expanding your family holidays.

Education Video on the Benefits of a
Fully Maintained Novated Lease

novated car lease

Salary Sacrifice Your Car Via a Novated Lease

There is an old saying “work smarter, not harder” same goes with your car expenses. You now have the ability to work smarter. Why would you “waste” part of your hard-earned salary paying for your car and related expenses post-tax when there is a very strong argument for the pre-tax savings that a Novated Car Lease can provide.

We budget all your car expenses within one easy novated lease payment.

Save 10% on the purchase price of your new or used car and all related motor vehicle expenses.

Your vehicle payment and running costs are paid using a mixture of pre-tax and post-tax salary.

How Does Novated Leasing Work?

Leasing, rather than taking out a “loan” for your next new or used car is a lot simpler than most people realize. A Novated car lease is just an agreement between yourself, your employer and a financier. It simply means your employer is leasing your new car on behalf of you, the employee, however it is still your name on the car!

You can lease your car, your partners or your children’s car from a dealer, auction house or even a private sale. You can also swap your current personal loan over to a Novated Car Lease in order to save money.

We will provide you with a “Motorpass” fuel card which you can use at almost all fuel outlets across Australia.  You will never pay full price for fuel again!

All ongoing running cost with your car such as fuel, registration, servicing, insurance, maintenance, tyres and even car washes are included within one easy to budget lease payment.

Our buying power guarantees you exceptional fleet discounts on all makes and models of new motor vehicles. Whether you are buying a new car for yourself and or your partners car.

The Process to Gaining Your Fully Maintained Novated Car Lease

Selecting Your Motor Car

Work out which car you would like to lease. Note down car details and approx costs for your quote. You can also compare pricing against our fleet discounts, for further savings.

Estimate Your Savings

Access our Novated Lease Calculator to discover your estimated savings you will gain over the term of your lease. Request and receive a free novated quote within 24 hours.

Setting Up Your Lease

We will contact your employer to explain the benefits they will gain. Our administration team will help them integrate your Novated Car Lease payments into their systems.

Managing Your Lease

While all your car related payments are in one lease payment you will also receive a User Guide, login and password details to be able to access your personal leasing account.

Teaming With NCLO (Novated Car Leasing Options)

Your specialised team at Novated Car Leasing Options have worked hard to source for our clients a novated car lease option that is simple to understand and designed to save those much-needed dollars.

By partnering with a premium Fully Maintained Novated Lease provider we offer a leasing option that will minimize your vehicle costs while maximising your savings. All while allowing you, our client, to choose the right car for your budget, lifestyle and needs.

While many are unaware you can lease your private use motor car, (must be under a ton in total weight)  it is 100% ATO approved and has been since 2014. It is in place to help you save thousands of dollars a year on your motor vehicles running costs. Savings you and your family could be using for other more important family needs. 

The best part is with Novated Car Leasing Options, we do all the work for you! We contact and explain to your employer the benefits of incorporating the most popular salary packaging benefit, Novated Leasing. NCLO administration team work with your employers payroll staff to seamlessly add this addition to their system. There really is no need for you to contact your employer at all.

Novated Car Leasing Options does not purport to offer legal, financial or taxation advice. Employers and employees should seek independent advice as to the implications of a Novated Lease transaction. The salary packaging amounts and take-home pay calculations set out are estimates only. While due care is exercised by us to ensure the integrity of the estimates it does not make any warranties, express or implied as to its accuracy or completeness. Powered by Paywise & EasiFleet. Trademarks and Brands are the property of their respective owners.

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